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Hi! We are the trainees at Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, where we train to become commercial clerks in wholesale and foreign trade.

„Training is very extensive!“

„No day is like the other!“

„We get a lot of support!“

“The regular change of departments allows us to have a multifaceted insight into all tasks and activities. For three months, we support the various departments with our full commitment.
In addition, we visit not only the departments relevant to our department but can also gain interesting experience in other departments such as Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs …).”

“In each department, we receive a time schedule in which we learn introductions to all subject areas and practical applications.
Naturally, the commercial business school is also part of training. Classroom instruction takes place twice a week. I can apply the theory learned in useful ways.”

“Apart from day-to-day business, we trainees can also take over projects and work them out independently in the team. They include, for example, the organization of the annual celebration, the company outing, and other events.”

“From beginning to end, our training is actively supported by Wörwag Pharma employees who have confidence in us. The pleasant working environment has led us to feel comfortable in the company from the very first day. Regardless of how many questions one has, everyone always has a sympathetic ear and  is cooperative at all times.”

“We make full justice to our motto “Focusing on the Person” – each person is taken seriously and treated fairly."

“Wörwag Pharma attaches great importance to train young people further. As an international company, we therefore offer an internal English course for every employee, and that includes us trainees as well. Career opportunities are promoted here!”


Maria-Lisa Runge
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